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Question & Answers

Is medical or surgical abortion a safe procedure?
Most terminations of pregnancy are performed within the first trimester of pregnancy. During this early stage, there is very little risk involved when an abortion is performed by an experienced gynecologist.

Will the procedure be painful?
Most surgical abortions are performed using some type of anesthesia, either local or general anesthesia. There is little discomfort with local anesthesia. There is no discomfort with conscious sedation or general anesthesia. Normally, you will experience some abdominal cramping, similar to menstrual cramps, right after the procedure.

How long will I be at Women’s Choice?
Your visit to Women’s Choice will be probably take approximately 2 hours. This includes your recovery time. Much less time is needed to initiate the medical abortion with the abortion pill.

Is a non-surgical abortion safer than a surgical abortion?
There are advantages and disadvantages to both procedures. The abortion pill may be taken up to 12 weeks after a missed period. This procedure usually causes more bleeding and cramping than a surgical abortion. However, some women prefer this method because there is no surgical or anesthesia risk involved. If our physician’s evaluation finds you eligible for either procedure, it becomes a matter of personal choice.

Will I be contacted after I leave Women’s Choice?
There should be no reason for us to call you after you have left the facility. If on the rare occasion that we do, we will not speak to anyone but you. Our staff is extremely sensitive to your privacy and confidentiality.

Do I need the consent of my parent or spouse to have an abortion?
Currently, New Jersey Law does not require parental consent or notification. Although involving your parents, spouse or friend may be helpful in making the best possible choice, ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Will having an abortion increase my chances towards having depression, cancer, or even infertility?
No, abortion does not increase a woman’s chance of depression, cancer or future fertility as medical research has shown.

Do people in their early reproductive years or mothers choose to have abortions?
Almost one in every four women has had an abortion. About 60% of those already have one or more children.



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