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An article published in Science Daily on 9/16/2013 states that women can lower their risk for gynecologic cancers. They gave the following four recommendations: Know your family history. Some breast and ovarian cancers as well as some colon and uterine…

Research recently published in the journal Nature reported a major breakthrough in HIV. The Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) claims they have created a vaccine that completely eradicates the virus that causes AIDS in some monkeys. Half of the…

  Walnuts – Tips for women. Good health A new study of 13,800 women has found that women who consume 8 ounces or more of walnuts weighed less after the study and reduced their risk of diabetes by 24%.

  The State Senate voted 19 to 11 Tuesday to approve legislation that would prohibit Arkansas from awarding grants to abortion providers, a move aimed at cutting off money that Planned Parenthood receives for sex education. Planned Parenthood officials say the bill,…



How to care for yourself after an abortion

Depending on a woman’s medical needs and stage of pregnancy, a doctor may recommend one...

Pregnant After An Abortion

Pregnant After An Abortion

A big concern among young women planning to get abortions is whether or not it...

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