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Caring for women since 1980 / call 201.489.2266

About Us

Women’s Choice has been a landmark in women’s services in the state of New Jersey since 1980 with a warm, friendly and discrete staff that includes the premier board certified OBGYN Physicians, in the state of New Jersey, with over 200 year of collective experience in this field.

Women’s Choice provides the Medical-Abortion Pill procedure for first trimester pregnancies up to 12 weeks of gestation. Evening appointments are available Monday through Saturday in the most private, dignified, confidential, safe and caring environment. Our physicians are the most experienced and leading experts in Medical-Abortion pill services. We were the pioneers in this field that started the use of Medical-Abortion pill (Mifeprex/RU486) in the state of New Jersey working in conjunction with the manufacturing company to assure the most effective and medically proper use of this medication.

We also provide surgical abortions up to 24 weeks with general anesthesia or conscious sedation. Same day surgical procedures are completed in our facility. Two-day laminaria procedures are completed in our affiliated state licensed facilities.

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Physician’s Warning

Other providers (including web providers) may prescribe you the abortion pill, but they DO NOT have their own medical staff to provide 24/7 total care in case of an adverse effect or emergency. Women’s Choice provides this service 24/7 with the most experienced and leading experts of OB-GYN physicians in the state of New Jersey. MAKE SURE you confirm that you will be provided with complete and total continuity of care through your procedure OR you will be referred to a local emergency room OR other unaffiliated professionals, in case of an emergency, with GREAT INCONVENIENCE OR EXTRA COSTS TO YOU.

Caring for women

Providing quality medical care and abortion services to women with the utmost regard for privacy, dignity, and confidentiality in a safe, sterile, and caring environment. The State of New Jersey does not require parental consent or a 24-Hour waiting period.


Women’s Choice is located at 10 Zabriskie Street, Hackensack, NJ, just 10 miles from GWB and New York.



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Contact Info:

Women’s Choice Medical Center

10 Zabriskie Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601

888.333.2555 Toll Free

For more information please call us Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM through Midnight


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