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Abortion Services

Surgical Abortion:

Women’s Choice offers terminations of pregnancy to 14 weeks from your last menstrual period. This type of abortion is relatively low-risk and normally takes only five to seven minutes. Both local and conscious sedation are available at Women’s Choice.

When You Arrive At Women’s Choice

A receptionist will greet you and ask you to complete a medical history form. After a review of your chart, you will be brought to the laboratory where you will leave a urine specimen in order for your pregnancy to be confirmed. A small amount of blood will be drawn to test for anemia and to determine your RH factor.

One of our physicians will perform an ultrasound to establish the size of your pregnancy.
A qualified peer counselor will then explain the abortion procedure to you. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss your feelings and concerns about your decision. The counselor will give you post-operative instructions and discuss risks and complications with you. She will also be happy to talk about birth control methods that are available to you.

In the operating room, you will be attended to by a nurse, an Anesthesiologist/Anesthetist, and a Board Certified Gynecologist. Once your procedure is completed, you will rest in the recovery room. After approximately 30 minutes, you will be discharged by an RN.

Non-Surgical Abortion: Ru 486 or abortion pill

For women under 10 weeks of pregnancy, Women’s Choice offers an alternative to surgical abortion. “Abortion by pill” may be an option for some women in their first trimester of pregnancy who are looking for an alternative to surgery and anesthesia.

Women’s Choice offers Mifeprex, also known as “RU 486, to patients who meet the criteria for this method. After blood work and vaginal ultrasound, counseling is given to explain the procedure and answer questions to help you decide if this procedure is right for you.

Mifeprex is administered in our office, followed 2 days later by another medication called Misoprostol, which the patient takes at home. This second medication causes the uterus to expel the pregnancy tissue.

Regardless of which method you choose, a follow-up visit is required at Women’s Choice to ensure that the procedure was successful. In rare instances, a D&C may be necessary to remove any retained tissue.

Non-Surgical Abortion: Ru 486 or abortion pill

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The Morning- After Pill

Emergency contraception, commonly called “the morning-after pill” can be used to
prevent pregnancy after having sex without birth control or if a birth control method has failed. It is an option for women who have had unprotected intercourse and do not wish to become pregnant.

You are a candidate for emergency contraception if you have had unprotected intercourse within the last 72 hours. If used within 72 hours after sex without birth control , emergency contraception can be very effective. A woman with a history of blood clots, high blood pressure, or cancer of the breast, uterus, or ovaries, may not be considered a candidate for emergency contraception.

We provide this service at the clinic at an office visit fee.

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